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Anna Coyle, Owner

Anna Coyle is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Saint Louis University before receiving her anesthesia credentials from Barnes/Washington University School of Nurse Anesthesia. She has been a practicing nurse anesthetist since 1984 in St. Louis and southern Illinois areas. Her vast amount of experience and professionalism have been imparted upon hundreds of nurse anesthesia students earning their degrees from Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville and Webster University.

Professional memberships include the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, the Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists, and the Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists. It is our goal to regularly donate to Clean the World, an organization that recycles donated soap and redistributes it internationally, in an effort to prevent childhood deaths due to poor hygiene. Anna Coyle has been a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Alpha Omega) since 1976.

Anna accepted Christ at an early age. Later, she was called to the ministry and prepared herself at Oral Roberts University where she earned a Master’s degree in Divinity. Her calling lead her to medical missions in both Haiti and the Amazon region of Brazil. There, she assisted with eye surgeries, emergencies, and other surgeries as well as evangelizing to the patients and their families. Anna’s church home is Shalom City of Peace Church in St. Louis under the direction of Rev Dr. F. James Clark.

In recent years she developed diabetes and a problem with excessively dry skin – all over, but especially her feet. The problem was so severe that her feet began to crack and bleed, necessitating applying an expensive prescription cream and wrapping her feet with gauze just to be able to put on socks so she could wear shoes. She walked with a limp and was embarrassed by the problem. There had to be a better way. Anna started perusing the drugstore shelves, thinking if she could just find a thick cream it would help her problem. She could not come up with a single product that worked for her. She was also affected by the chemicals in many products. Based on a personal need, Anna was able to create an all-natural product that worked for her condition.

Anna believes everyone should be able to have a choice. The commercial industry has left out an entire segment of the population who does not want to introduce unnecessary chemicals into or onto their bodies. For this reason, she created Coyle Studio Creations, a company dedicated to natural products without unnecessary chemical additives. Whether the issues are “green”, health issues or personal, her products fill a void. Her motto: Better living through less chemistry.

Anna believes you CAN have glamour and elegance the natural way. Her soaps, lotions, creams, body butter and scrubs have the ability to provide an affordable luxury spa experience in the privacy of your own home.

Anna’s products are especially appreciated by successful career women who enjoy the little luxuries of life. They are sophisticated and confident. She is hard-working but glamorous and elegant. She has “made it” in her career and helping others “make it.” These women enjoy pampering themselves in a spa but also enjoy a luxury spa experience at home.

Anna and her husband, Charles have been married since 1978. They have five adults children and three grandchildren.

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